The Low Down on Freelancing

The Low Down on Freelancing

Working as a freelance copywriter on the internet can be done from anywhere – from your favorite coffee shop, from home, or even from college. All you need are a few basic programs (like MS Word), a reliable internet connection and your laptop or desktop.

Avenues to follow as a freelancer

Many times when looking for freelance work online you’ll see sites that want a bit of money from you to sign up or get work.

These sites are often scams, but plenty of them are legitimate avenues for matching up real buyers and providers around the globe.

A starter list of sites that do this could read something like:, and There are plenty more, but these are probably the most popular ones.

Freelancing normally entails signing up on a website (such as one of the above mentioned), completing your profile, listing your skills etc, and then starting work. This you normally do by ‘bidding’ on projects and if you bid successfully and win the project, then congratulations! You have become a hemp dog treats freelancer.

Low Down on Freelancing

Some sites, in fact most of them, will take a small commission on any project you get, but if you are careful about selecting your buyer and the project, then you will not have to worry about that normally minimal expense. (If it is a large sum then be careful, it may be a scam site.)

The pros and cons

There are, of course, both pros and cons to this kind of work (as with any kind of work). But if you are the kind of person who values your home life and your own time, then freelancing may be for you.

More often than not, you can negotiate work to do at your own convenience and your own pace, thereby leaving enough leisure time for you to do what you enjoy.

There is no ‘boss’ or manager breathing down your neck and you also get to choose the kind of work you want to do.

Whether that’s programming, content writing, transcription or web design, you can put any writing or computer skills to good use as a freelancer on the internet.

Learning about the drawbacks

There are certain drawbacks as well – which aren’t really drawbacks if you look closely. For one thing you have to learn to focus and manage yourself because there is nobody doing that for you.

What this really means is an opportunity for self-development and growth, and learning to take responsibility for yourself which is a skill that can then be applied to any facet of your life.

You also need to have very competitive rates as people from all over the world, with different standards of living, are vying for perhaps that same job. This means that often you might be working for less than you know you are worth.

Nonetheless, freelancing is a very rewarding and skill-enhancing way to work and many people make successful careers out of it. Remember, keep communication as a high priority on your list, along with quality work, and you are likely to do very well in a matter of weeks.

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