Keeping it Simple: Good Amazon Product Listing

Keeping it Simple: Good Amazon Product Listing

The idea is that big words, long sentences and complicated concepts really don’t impress anyone . And if you’re attempting this in a second language that you’re not too familiar with, the results can be quite messy. Witness my French essay on my dog’s medical condition, and the benefits of hemp oil for dogs! So whether English is your first or second language, you’re going to want to keep it short, simple and to the point. Especially on Amazon where everything is quick, simple and immediately gratifying.

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Amazon likes it short

The first thing to do is keep your sentences short. Not this short. But short enough to make them easily readable, kind of like nuggets and eating. There is no need to use big, complicated words, especially if English is your second language. This will also help minimize any grammatical errors you are prone to make which will improve readability as well as quality. And, of course, the improved quality content will automatically mean quicker sales. So keep your sentences short and simple.

Of course, this can work even if you’re writing a product listing about sanitary towels, but it would take a lot more short sentences than you’ve got space for on your Amazon product page. So keep your bullet points simple and precise as well. Whether it’s health product, a gardening gadget, pet food, cooking books or any one of a million other products Amazon sells.

One last thing. Keep your product listing length to a minimum. Normally 500 words (2000 characters maximum) or about five or six paragraphs of the length used in your product listing. You can write about half of that and still get sales. Check the maximum character count requirement for the main title – depending on your Amazon category this can range from 80-200 characters.

The main product description – there is no need to write 350 words if 300 will suffice and so on. Keep it short, simple and to the point and you will find sales will start to flow.

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