Finding the ‘Kings of Content’

Finding the ‘Kings of Content’

You’ve probably heard the above saying a few times by now if you’ve been in the content services for any length of time. And it’s pretty right on. Most websites you’ll find are all in the written word and if that written word is boring or dry, visitors won’t stick around long. That means no traffic.

Similarly, if your website is geared to selling a product or service, you want to make sure your copy is persuasive, engaging and will keep even the casual browser interested long enough to buy something.

If your content doesn’t do that for your website, then that, simply put, means no money. Therefore you  need SEO content that has been optimized for our friends over at Bing and Google.

Content is King

Good is good

Really good content is like hitting the jackpot. Or striking a rich seam of precious minerals. Traffic to your website grows in volume through frequent visitors, links and word-of-mouth and that means money. Lots of it. So where and how do you find a good content writer? And how do you watch out for the main problem most people run into – badly written, poor quality content? Being both informative and interesting is not an easy blend to pull off and very few people have the talent or skill to do it just right.

Cheap is cheap

For one thing, you’re going to want to keep in mind that hiring a cheap writer usually means lower quality. In fact, hiring a cheap, bad writer is akin to simply setting your banknotes on fire. You will either end up with terrible content that lowers the intrinsic quality of your website, or with content you can’t even use. Then there are big businesses and ‘content farms’ out there that have databases of writers that they outsource work to. These are probably also a bad idea as they will deliver mostly generic, uninspired work.

Sourcing a good quality writer

Your best bet is looking, via various websites and freelancing sites, for a good quality writer. Be wary of people that offer their services at very low rates and quick delivery times, especially if you know the kind of work that is going to go into your content. Good reviews are always helpful in considering a potential provider, as are any previous samples they can provide.

In fact, make sure you always, always ask for samples of previous writing, rewriting or website copy – these samples should be short and sweet. That is your best judge of how they work and once you have hired somebody, proceed slowly at first if you have time. This will allow you both to figure out exactly what needs to be done and how. At the end of the work process, you should have high quality, well-written and engaging content for your website!

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