Article Marketing – 5 Steps to Success

Article Marketing – 5 Steps to Success

Article marketing is one of the greatest tools available on the Internet nowadays that has both immediate and long-term benefits. It is quite unlike PPC advertising, banner ads and the such in terms of its effect on both the reader and the writer. The main trick is to know when to DIY (do it yourself) and when to use software but there are a few other tips well worth the knowing. Your business can only profit from knowing the following:

Step 1: Become an Expert

It’s really not that hard. Even if you’re just a ‘Google expert’ on your subject of choice, it makes a world of a difference. But read up on whatever you can, whenever you can. Know your subject inside out. When you do background reading and in-depth research, it shows in your writing and readers can take what you say more seriously. They also appreciate that you’re offering them real, good quality information and it’s a reason for them to consider doing business with you.

Article Marketing

Step 2: Optimize Your Articles

You must first figure out the most popular keywords within your given market area or niche, this is seo content writing. Then you need to write your content based on those keywords, but always, always keep the reader in mind. Give your article a generous dusting of keywords but never stuff. Do not over do it; your article should be a good, relevant read to be successful.

Step 3: Make the Most of Your Time

Submitting article to various directories takes time that doesn’t necessarily need to be spent doing that. There is plenty of automatic submission software that you can get familiar with quickly and easily. It will save you a lot of time so that you can focus on writing the good stuff. There is also the option of manual submission; some companies take care of this to the extent that they will even review your article before submitting it so that it complies with submission policy standards. They take a minimal fee with great benefits for you and your business.

Step 4: Dance; Don’t Spin

Here is one of those controversial issues about software vs. brain-ware. You need to stay on your toes and writing your own stuff is the best way to do that. Using spinning software certainly allows your articles to multiply quick ‘n’ easy, but then you’re breaking the cardinal rule of writing for your reader. Spun articles are not always great to read, so find alternatives. Write copiously about your area of expertise, hire ghostwriters or just take out more time to write.

Step 5: Publishing

Finally, once you’ve written your article you need to get it published. This includes posting them in various internet spaces such as leading melatonin håndkøb articles directories, blogs and websites. Bookmark them, create links to and from your other articles and websites and so forth. Make them as interactive as possible and include a really great resource box as well.

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