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Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.”

–Pearl Strachan

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What is Writing Quality Control?

Let’s say you have hired a copywriter or a copywriting company to write content for your website, blog, direct response emails, etc and you want to make sure every copy written corresponds to the standards you paid for, but do not have a qualified enough employee to ensure high standards of writing control or simply do not have enough time to do it yourself.

Hiring someone for a full time position might not be a reasonable solution as the amount of work to be done can be completed in less than 8 hours a day and 40 hours per week. This is why See The Full Story offers copywriting quality control services to guarantee your website content is always of high quality.

Why Do You Need It?

– You want to be sure the content written by your copywriter or a copywriting service provider worth the money you invest.

– You don’t have time to monitor the writing and publishing process

– You care about the image of your company

– Even the most experienced and talented copywriters make mistakes

How Does It Work?

– We research your website to learn everything about your organization

– You provide us with the address of the source were your content is being published or send us copies written by somebody else.

– Our professional copy editor reads them to make sure the content you received is of high quality

– You receive a detailed report in case anything goes wrong

– We find the best way to get the problem solved painlessly

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge $25 per 500 words read. Please note that our copy editor (native English speaking) will research your company and your industry to make sure he or she perfectly understands what should be written and what must be avoided. The person will be aware of all details of the innovations, discounts and new services your copywriter will write about.